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Weight Loss
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Extra Slim Capsules
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Nome del prodotto: Extra Slim Capsules

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The Herbal Weight Loss Capsules offered by us are extensively demanded in the market as these capsules are easy to consume and ensures zero side-effects. The formulation of the Ayurvedic Slimming Medicines is done with extreme care and under the strict supervision of the experts. Moreover, to benefit the clients with the maximum benefits of the Slimming Capsules, the capsules are hygienically packed.
Obesity can be caused by various complex factors interchange factors, including lifestyle, exercise, hormones, genetics, metabolism, diet, irregularity between meals and more.
Obesity can also be genetic in nature and may run in families.

The disease affects both the body as well as mind. Physically the person feels languish and totally lazy and mentally he is always at the inferiority complex that he is not good enough to attract anyone. Walking too slowly, laziness and the zero energetic level keep obese people always aloof from others. Hypertension, high cholesterol levels, liver diseases, diabetes and thyroid problems are common for obese people. We are widely engaged in providing the obesity medicines, medicine for obesity, human obesity control medicine.
According to Ayurveda obesity is the end result of Kapha Dosha involvement. As described earlier, BMI could be the main diagnosing factor. Calculating BMI can label a person as perfectly fit or over weight. Obese people appear to be bulky & they easily get exhausted & breathless even after performing small physical work including running, climbing stairs and jogging. People suffering from obesity are generally at a high risk for much health related problems. Certain complex interchange factors including; lifestyle, hormones, genetics, metabolism, diet, irregularity between meals and more usually cause obesity.

One or Two capsules a day should be orally consumed.

- EXTRA SLIM Capsules act very fast on Cholesterol level and assist weight reduction.
- And reduces weight by reducing cholesterol. It reduces water retention of the body.

Do this
-Before starting check up your weight. Keep a check on the diet.
-Prefer using warm water for drinking.
-Only prefer wheat, barley and maize and among vegetables of bitter gourd, long gourd are recommended
-Practicing brisk morning walk at least for 30 minutes is recommended
-Practice stress management through meditation & yoga postures

-Try to avoid dairy products, ice-cream and Chocolates.
-Dont consume rice and potatoes, as they contains lots of carbohydrates
-Avoid fried fish and oily non-vegetarian food.
-Try avoiding banana, grapes and pineapples
-Try avoiding sedentary habits & excessive sleep.
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